Banksia Nut Epoxy Cast




An attempt at casting a Banksia Nut in Epoxy, for cutting into scales.

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Step 1: Clean and Wash

Heated in oven to kill all biology (they come from Australia!)

Mechanical clean and high pressure wash. Heated in oven again for 24h to dry completely.

Step 2: Stabilize

Stabilize using a vacuum chamber

Step 3:

Create mould.

In retrospect, do not use wood in a vacuum chamber,...

Step 4: Prepare Epoxy

Step 5: Vacate Epoxy

Vacate the air from the epoxy, and chambers in the nut.

Step 6: Cut Into Scales

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Interesting project, it turned out nice.


    1 year ago

    This is really slick. Will you be using the scales for knife handles? I bet they'll be gorgeous all polished up!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks. I was planning on using them for a magnetic dice tower.

    Just need to find a way to polish both the wood and the epoxy.