Bar Cart From Reclaimed Barn Wood


Introduction: Bar Cart From Reclaimed Barn Wood

This Bar Cart was made from all reclaimed material found in barns on my brother's property, even the wormwood used on the top tray.

It was made in my small wood shop in Upstate NY.

Step 1: Frame

I started by building the frame from oak studs and the bottom tray from pine planks that I planed down.

Step 2: Top Tray

Next I built the top tray from some wormwood planks that I planed down.

Step 3: Wheels

Then I added the wheels and a single giant front castor.

Step 4: Pipe Frame

Next I built up the middle tray and added the pipe frame to the front.

Step 5: Finish

A little paint and finish and its complete.



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    It looks absolutely gorgeous! Would love some more detailed instructions for each step though. GREAT WORK :)

    1 reply

    Great design. It turned out really great!

    fantastic! I love pipe / wood together.