Bar Trick Video Tutorial: Blowing a Bottle Cap Into a Bottle

Introduction: Bar Trick Video Tutorial: Blowing a Bottle Cap Into a Bottle

About: Welcome to the only Online Bartending Resource you will ever need to visit again. From Bartending Basics, Bartending Tips, Tricks and Insider Secrets to Drink Recipe Video Tutorials to Bar Tricks, Bar Jokes...  Learning cool bar tricks is fun whether you're a bartender or not.  If you bartend, they can be used to entertain and awe guests.  If you're on the other side of the bar, you can use them to impress your friends or the ladies.  Either way, its good to have at least a handful of cool bar tricks under your belt.  

In this Blowing a Bottle Cap into a Bottle bar trick, its all science.  This simple to learn and easy to do bar trick will have your guests or friends trying again and again - because it just seems like it should be so simple.  

If you're looking for more bar tricks, click on the link above and watch a bunch of other bar trick tutorials on the website.  

Enjoy the trick!

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