Barbarian the Darkness Guitar Tutorial [ Correct ]

Intro: Barbarian the Darkness Guitar Tutorial [ Correct ]

The Darkness Barbarian guitar tutorial.

Got a bit fed up seeing YouTube 'instructional video's' all playing this the wrong way. So we did one ourselves!

Song run-through at start then a stage by stage tutorial at the end of the vid. Watching the one (to date) fan video of the band playing this live, Dan seems to vary a little from the record and Justin actually taps the tricky lick at the end of the solo but - hey! Why make it easy? Barbarian by The Darkness guitar tutorial. Awesome song! Enjoy!

Se others on the Wildfire Channel WILDFIRE:

Step 1: Performance Notes:

Song run through at the start. Step-by-step tutorial of the main parts in the second half. Included step by step solo guide.



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