Barbie Cruiser / Hot Rod Mod

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 So this being my first add to the instructables galleries. I thought I'd Put a Fun bit or trash salvaging. I found this old pink and white barbie jeep with just the back half sticking out of a pile of leaves and other yard debris just piled on the edge of my friends land. I pull it out. The body, steering, and motor are still descent. The body was covered in a think layer or mold green and the two 6v 300amp, which were run parallel  had long since crumbled uselessly away. I began this mod/ refurbishing by going around the jeep with a Jigsaw and cutting off any extranious part of the body, down to where it was frame and seats... Then i had to rewire motor to new battery and control pedal. I went with a old car battery i had and built a small mount on back for it.(I tried to add it in the front but it was too large and interfered with the steering column. The great thing is the car battery is the exact requirements for the rating.12v 600amp. I used a heavier guage wire with the car battery to give the whole machine a little extra power (18 gauge to 16) The front where the batteries use to sit was Lined with a Metal Grating and bolted Down to make a basket/trunk, Covered It all with a little Black Silver and Red Paint, My kids newly modified HotRod was ready. They took off and that little extra torche and the loss of weight made it too fast for it's own good. They Would wheelie and flip backwards. To fix I zip tied some heavy carbon pipe piece underneath the Front to stablize. HA ha IT WAS a blast...I will have steps and more pics for my future instructables. This i did before i Knew the world would want to see. So That's it from trash to Treasure story if there ever was one. DP

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    6 years ago

    Well first I need a flaming Barbour jeep!