Barbie's Beauty Salon Game (free Printable)

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If you follow my instructable's account you known in this house Barbie's are something we play

To add variety without ending in bankruptcy, I make a lot of Barbie's toys. This game is one of them.

I designed this game that will bring hours of fun to your little one. It's portable so you can take it to church or a restaurant, or she can play with it at the same time she plays with Barbie's, pretending the actual dolls are getting a makeover, we even have a makeup bag and little makeup. Check y other instructable a where I share the files for those crafts.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This printable.

Clear contact paper


Dry erase markers

Step 2: Cover With Contact Paper

Begin trimming the contact paper a little bit wider than the printout.

Peel off the backing paper but only about 2in. Stick the paper carefully trying to avoid wrinkles.

Small bubbles are easy to fix, but wrinkles aren't.

Peel off another 2in and stick it. Every time you stick it, rub the paper so that it sticks evenly.

Once you finish trim the edges.

Step 3: ​Cut the Accessories

Now cut through the dashed line that is below the Barbies.

Cut the crowns and headbands

Step 4: Play

You just turned this printout in a dry erase board!

To practice writing, I ask my daughter to name her salon every time she plays. She has come out with really good names! And write the name in the ribbon at he top.

Let the girls have fun designing the crowns and headbands, adding different colours to the hair, lips and eyes. They can even design necklaces and earrings!

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