Bar(e) Torso

This is Bar Överkropp, or translated from swedish Bare Torso. It is a pun.
Anyways, the bar is made from scratch using only untreated planks, screws and cloth. The edge for example is planks used for house siding that has been planed and glued together. Most of the wooden parts has been stained and laquered to give it a glossy appearance.
Total construction time is about 3 months.
The beertaps are functional, even though it is difficult to get beer on kegs here in Sweden, we pretty much need to empty cans of beer in the keg to be able to run the taps.
There is a built in fridge and a sound system based of a desktop computer and amplifyer.
The surface of the bar and the other glossy parts has stood the test of time and drunk visitors.
You would think that a build like this requires some thought and some blueprints, but really it does not, just start building and withing a few months you could stand behind your own bar serving beer.

Illuminated mirrorball is optional.

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