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Hello, everyone! I would like to share with you, my Barefoot Beach Sandals today! It is SO easy, I would recommend this to all beginner jewelry makers. This sandal only took me around 15-20 minutes to make. You will be making your sandal on your foot, just so you can make the right adjustments to make it fit onto your foot. I made this because I like the way it looks on the beach. I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your sandal you are going to need.....

Step 2: Starting Your Sandal

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to take your needle and thread it through one end of your working thread. Then take your other needle, and thread it through the other end of your working thread. Then what you are going to do is thread 80 of your seed beads. Then you take the 80 beads on your thread and wrap it around your 2nd toe just like it is in pic.#2. Next thread beads through both needles shown in pic.#3 in this order, pearl( when you thread your pearl, and the two ends connect to the pearl below an inch above your toe, then you should add 10 more beads until your pearl is an inch away from your toe), seed, bicone, seed, tear drop, seed, bicone, seed and then repeat in that exact order until you are about an inch below the point where your foot meets your leg (pic.#7).

Step 3: Making the Wrap

You are now going to begin making the wrap. Now instead of threading one bead through both needles, you are now going to separate your needles, and thread your beads separately. You can now thread 20 seed beads onto each of your needles then thread one glass pearl bead onto each needle. Your sandal should begin to look like pic.#1. Repeat those exact steps 11 times ( more or less depending on if you have bigger or smaller feet than me).

Step 4: Finishing Off

Now your gonna want to take one of your needles and thread a bicone bead, teardrop bead, and then a lobster clasp. Do the same with your other needle, but you're going to thread your jump ring instead of your lobster clasp. Once you are finished with that it should look like pic.#1. Take one of your needles, and go through your tear drop bead. Now you're going to tie a knot as close as you can to the tear drop bead.Then take your glue, and glue the knot. Take a minute and wait for the glue to dry, then cut as close as you can to the knot. The knot is going to be very small, and would go right through your beads again, but the glue will make your know a bit bigger, so it won't go right through the beads again.

Step 5: Enjoy!

And you're done! Now just repeat steps 1-3 to make your other sandal, and you have yourself a beautiful pair of barefoot sandals that you can wear to the beach. You can now go into the water without taking your shoes off, or have to deal with your shoes being filled with wet sand.If you enjoyed this tutorial please vote for me in the Footwear contest and Summer Fun contest. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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    2 years ago

    Why won't it download for me?


    2 years ago

    I feel like this might pull a bit when the ankle is flexed. Do you think it would work with stretchy beading thread? Or a multi-strand bracelet pattern for the to-ankle length that has two strands inside of it anyway?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    You could use stretchy thread. The problem is, seed beads have a very small hole and may not fit. You would have to see if you could find thread with a narrow diameter, or use bigger beads.I would think that a multi-strand bracelet pattern would work though.