Barkhor Circuit(2)

Going to the west, and after going up some narrow stairs, you will see a small Sakyapa-School, Gongkar Chode Chapel. The Jambhala Lhakhang is below the chapel, with a central image of Marmedze, the past Buddha, and a small inner Kora path. Starting here, you can go back to the north or you can take the eastern way and join the Barkhor circuit.

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Step 1: Barkhor Circuit(2)

The Gedun Choephel Artist’s guide locates on the eastern side of the circuit. It is an exbihition hall containing a dozen modern art works with no religious convention inside. Also, there are good views from the roof of it.

Step 2: Barkhor Circuit(2)

There are more shops on the eastern side of the circuit. You can even find many small turquoise departments. A wall shrine and a darchen (prayer pole) are in the southeast corner. It was in this place where Tsongkhapa planted his working strick in the year of 1409. The southern square of the Jokang Dailai Lama used to host annual teachings in the southern square of the Jokang during the Monlam festival, but now it’s empty. Eventually, the circuit turns to north by a PSD station and back to barkhor square.

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