Barn Wood Bird Houses

Introduction: Barn Wood Bird Houses

Here I will show you the basics for building your own barnwood birdhouse.

You'll need some wood to build your frame out of, I used some stakes and cut the points off.
Decking screws, I used 1 1/4 inch screws.
Your own selected barnwood and shingling as well as some tack nails to install the shingles.

1. First build your frame according to the size you have designed or have in mind.

2. Next select a base for your house and start measuring siding.

3. Screw measured siding into frame in desired position.

IN PICTURE The top birdhome is 2 stories, the bottom is 1storey with an a frame structure.

Once you have your siding and frame all put together you are ready for a roof, depending on the nature of your structure select the desired rooftop to which you will attach the shingles to.

Tack shingles to roof using the tack nails starting from the bottom of your roof and work your way to the top.

Attach your roof and you are golden, now the stand.

In the picture I have some trees/branches that I pruned a couple weeks ago that seemed to go together well, the hemp twine is used as a support for the branch that appears attached coupled with a smaller branch used as a dowel.

Weigh it all down with something heavy and add your finishing touches.

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