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Into: Toy barn - A friend wanted a toy barn for his son for Christmas a couple years back so I took the challenge. This is barn is scaled down from friends original barn so his son could have a barn just like his dads. Did not paint so friend could have quality family time. Now its full of John Deere items and his son still plays with it. How Cool!

* Project completed prior to finding this Awsome Site so only photo's of finished project

Step 1 - Size: get measurements of barn and scale down to a managable size (this project 1 inch = 1 ft)

Step 2 - Material: Plywood -1/4" birch, size will depend on project, wood scraps for base and handle and inside beams and post, brads or small nails, gorilla glue and a few screws.

Step 3 - Lay it out: Layout all components (end wall, sidewall, roofs, doors and base) cut, trim and sand as needed. 

Step 4 - Layip: Place sidewalls and place top, bottom and end beam (cut 1/4" x 1/4" square dow and glue into place) let it dry.

Step 5 - Set it up: set endwalls to to sidewalls, check fit, square up, glue and clamp, glue endwall top, bottom beams (let it dry)

Step 6 - Door: Set doors for movement may need to router slot in base for small doors or add ramp (same as double door)

Step 7 - Apply to Base: Secure assy to base and glue, nail to base

Step 8 - Second floor: Add cross beems and set platform (don't forget that Gorilla glue)

Step 9 - Top handle: set over sized beem on top center glue and nail for support, place handle

Step 10 - Finish: place smaller upright beems in place.

Ready for paint!

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