Barn-wood Coffee Table




We needed a coffee table for our guest room/man-cave. I have wanted to get into woodworking, especially with reclaimed materials.

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Step 1: Preparing the Boards

I knew that I wanted a more finished look to my table so I ran the barn-wood through a planer just to take a little bit of the roughness down. If you want a really rustic look you could certainly skip this step. I then created a Miter Jig for my table saw to cut the 45 degree angles needed. I found this created perfect angels every time. I found the instructions on Pinterest.

Step 2: Layout

First I cut a piece of 5/8 plywood to the size I wanted (2' by 4') Since I was using random sizes of boards, I first selected the largest piece to start my layout. I drew a line down the middle and cut my first boards, leaving the edges longer so that they hung over the edge a bit. I then cut and carefully marked the next board continuing until I had the entire board covered.

Step 3: Attaching the Boards

I then glued down the boards in the appropriate order and clamped them overnight. Since some of the boards had some warp to them, I used finishing nails to hold them in place. Although this created an uneven surface, that is the charm of using reclaimed wood. After everything had dried, I cut the edges even using my table saw. Since a few of the boards had been cut a tad short, I just made that mistake go away by just cutting an extra 1/4 inch off the side.

Step 4: Attaching the Legs and Apron

I cut and attached the apron around the edges. I cut a reclaimed 4x4 into 18 inch lengths. I then attached them loosely with finishing nails. I then cut small pieces of scrap-wood to create an L, drilled pilot holes for the screws and then secured them to the table top. I then cross drilled holes and secured the legs to the braces.

Step 5: Bonus

I decided to take all the triangle shaped scraps and make a small end-table. It is much more rustic than the table but it was fun to create.

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3 years ago

Nice work Mo! Did you put any type of sealer on the table when you were done?

1 reply

3 years ago

Both are great looking tables! Thanks for sharing


3 years ago

Beautiful table! I love the end table too :)