Barnwood Fishing Station

About: Follow Your Passions,,, They Know The Way Rustic Artist, Cheryl Reed Costa, has found her serenity through creating natural art, jewelry, accessories and furnishings for over 35 years, using trial and err...

   I created this barnwood fishing station, totally from my imagination,  for my fiance Mike for his birthday.
   It stands 5 ft tall, 4 ft wide and 16" deep. Lift off top reveals hidden shelf for extra reels, spools of string, etc. Cabinet below easily fits tackle box with room to spare. There are 3 antique hooks on the back to hang waders, fishing vest and whatever else he chooses. Top backboard is framed to showcase his mounted palamino trout. Will house 10 fishing poles, 5 poles per side. Suede lined holes to protect bottom of the rods.
   This is the biggest project I have ever created. I have a newfound respect for the 200+ year old wood. It is full of surprises and challenges to work with ;-) Cheryl

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    14 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great Work, love the old wood, was that hard to come by? I'm turning a closet into an office area and want to use old/distressed wood for paneling the wall but don't want to pay high prices to have wood shipped across the country. I'm sure you scored big points with your Honey! Best, Paul

    2 replies

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the compiment! Mike and I found an old carriage house/barn to be torn down in exchange for the wood, on craigslist. It was the first one we had ever done and did lots of research to keep us safe. No one got hurt,,,there was no property damage and it droppped right where it stood. WoooHoooo,,, Quite an experience,,,lol.
       If your looking for old/distressed wood you might consider a local wood mill. When they process the logs, the outside slabs, which are beautiful, are usually stacked to the side and sold in bundles. Some sit around outside for quite sometime so they have that greyed appearance to them. People here in Pennsylvania by these bundles to cut up for firewood usually but I have also seen it used to side a home and interior walls.
    Would love to see before and after pics of your remodeling project! I hope you have a Wonder-Filled Day!!! Cheryl


    8 years ago on Introduction

    as a hard core fisherman i would love to get a gift like this the wood is so nice to look at
    i wish my wife did this sort of thing amazing ! is the bottom at sitting height? what a quality place to sit while planing your latest fishing adventure! thats what each trip is a adventure! it would be my fishing throne ! lol
    well done i will watch for your future builds
    ive been a member here for a little while but never felt moved to post until now!

    2 replies

    Hi Storms,
    What a great idea to have this as a functional desk as well. Yes, it does sit at just the right height of 30". You have my brain wheels turning now.
    I feel it would be uncomfortable to sit at how it is because there would be no leg room,,,BUT,,,lol,,,The lift off top could be modified to not only flip up but to be positionable, to be functional as a desk top.
    This could be done by pegging the back of the underneath side and having holes just inside the front to sit them in for secure leverage. The front stop on the underside of the top could be 2 pieces instead of one,,,each hinged to serve as drop down legs when needed, secured with hook and eye hardware to keep them in place and to keep the look primitive.
    Thanks for your post and for your input of the fishing throne,,,lol,,,I love that ;-)
    I hope you have a Wonder-Filled Day!!! Cheryl

    np thanks i look forward to seeing the mark 2 then i never thought of a desk it could have a slide out top maybe?
    kind regards george

    I am honored to see that this piece has been featured in #1 spot of Editors Picks in the Workshop Catagory! Also for receiving 2 badges and now having subsribers!!!

    I am new here to this site and now addicted after viewing so many wonderful Creations by such talented people.

    Creating is my Serenity. When creating I use one question and one statement.
    What am I doing with what I've got?
    Follow your passions,,,they know the way!

    Thank you all for your comments and I hope you have a Wonder-Filled Day!!! Cheryl

    Very nice, I do love to see old timber being reused especially for something that will see many more years of service.
    I look forward to seeing what you come upi with next.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    when you say "totally from my imagination", does that mean you had no plans to work with? sometimes flying by the seat of your pants is the best.

    I'm no fisherman, but I would be thrilled to have such a personal gift made for me.

    1 reply

    That is correct,,,no plans to work from. I went through my home to different pieces of furniture and decided,,,yep,,,this wide,,,yep this tall,,,and yep this deep,,,measured how high on my body and this deep and wide from my fingertips to such and such a place on my arms. Then in my workshop, I took out a tape measure to get those dimensions. Wrote them down, then spent a couple hours creating this piece on paper,,,then figuring out dimensions. With that completed, I figured up how much of each size of wood I needed,,,then out to the wood pile I went.