Barnyard Animal Cupcakes

Introduction: Barnyard Animal Cupcakes

Things you'll need:
• Box Cake mix
• Eggs
• Oil
• Water Cup cake papers
• Pan
• Plastic wrap
• Parchment paper
• Can of ready icing
• Fondant
• Food coloring
• Shredded coconut
• Small Reese cups

1. First you'll need bake cupcakes following the directions on the back of the cake box
2. Let cupcakes cool completely
3. When you work with fondant it's like working with play dough, break off only what you need when using the fondant. No need in coloring more than is necessary
    a. Always keep the fondant your not using wrapped in plastic, because it dries fast.
4. Add the color food coloring and knead it until it’s the color you want.
5. Roll it out between 2 sheets of plastic wrap.
6. Cut the shapes needed.
    a. I started with the base in a round a little larger than my cupcake.
    b. Continue make the colors and shapes needed.
7. When you attach the pieces together press or pinched them lightly just like when using clay.
    a. (Fondant needs be at a cool temperature or it will become unworkable and will have the consistency of bubble gum. If this starts to happen just cover in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for a few minutes.)
8. As you finish the tops of the cupcake (made with the fondant) you can either place them on parchment paper or if the cupcakes are cooled just ice the top with the icing and apply the Fondant animal on top.

   a. The sheep are iced then dipped into coconut the head is a peanut butter cup with top of it covered with black fondant.

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