Barrett 50. Cal Preview. and a Challenge!




Introduction: Barrett 50. Cal Preview. and a Challenge!

About: KEVIN GOBLIN ^^^^ made by dj '''I AM NOT BARRACK OBAMA I am barrax Obama.''' im close to stopping ibles and deleting my knex account i mean stopping knex and deleting my ibles account.


There are two other things i got going on as well, in between this...

this is mainly for my loyal subscribers - all 101 of them :)

without you guys, i wouldn't be doing this

So, heres my barrett, and the challenge is to make a scope

Well its not really that much of a challenge, as a request.

see, i have this great Barrett 50. cal., or M82/M107.

Here are the pictures for you lot.

unfortunately i cant make great scopes. Ive tried 3 times, and i cant seem to get it right.

So, my question to you, forum, is can you make a great Barrett M82 scope for me.

Please :)

Anywho, the pictures are of my gun, and hopefully you can see a few things about it, and how i WILL post it, if someone gets a great scope going for me.

Whoever does will get a mention in the ible.

Also, the scope has to be like the scopes in the Picture (I will rate to match them). The scopes are slightly different, and i would love it if two people could build both versions.

Dont know the range.
Its got slide action.
It has a yellow round, no detachable mag.

And last but not least, please comment, rate, comment again, then subscribe :)



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    were you the first to make that scope, because i have seen it on an instructable page before (forgot who submitted it)
    it looks pretty cool

    Go to the top of the screen, look for a button that says submit. Click and look for slideshow.

    yo dude i challenge u to try at least make a barrett m107 50 cal. its a bolt action barrett. that would be so beast!!!!!!!!!

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    Uh...the M99 is the bolt action version. IT is also bullpup. The M107 is the same one as the M82.

    Barrax. I am your new subscriber, and i LOVE your gun. Try my scope out, if it's too short, you can mod it in any way you want. It's a dot scope with real reticles, too

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    aha im sorry my friend, but i found a scope for this gun ages ago the gun won't be posted and i've made about 3 large projects after that. my favourite being the buffalo rifle. and thanks for subscribing :)

    i made a sling shot gun with a removable mag, its lever action (or bolt, i forget the difference :P) and probably one of the quickest reloading slingshot rifles out there, but piece wise its bad, uses a lot - very wide for stability for the magazine... wanted to known if i should post pictures... lol

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    if thats all true (except the bolt/ lever action, i dont believe that its actually possible) then you should upload an ible!

    will do, expect to see some pictures up soon... or a video if i feel like it lol there you go, my bolt action knex slingshot rifle...