Barrett Nerf Gun

Introduction: Barrett Nerf Gun

Barrett Style Nerf Gun. My DOB: 9/2/1990

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    There's really no market right now for an adult style Nerf gun. It's either Nerf for kids and then it goes to airsoft, paintball, and then real guns. This project is supposed to combine Nerf, and that real gun feel, but also be able to be used as that toy that you can shoot people with like Nerf guns. Getting shot by airsoft, or pellet guns hurts and isn't safe, this fires the Nerf foam darts so it doesn't hurt and it's safe to be shot.

    The prototype that you see in the video above was built from scratch using a 3D printer and various supplies that I got from Home Depot. It uses compressed air to fire the dart and can hold a maximum of 400 PSI. The shot that was demonstrated was done with only 80 PSI. It has a working magazine and holds 10 rounds with darts in them. Once a round is fired you have to eject the shell from the chamber like the real thing by pulling back on the bolt.

    I'm still working on this project and perfecting it, but it will be complete soon and ready for the rest of the world to enjoy as the most amazing dart gun on Earth.