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Introduction: Bartboys Awsome Knex Gun

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I Really like this gun, and it is one of my favs, I will post An ible , assuming you guys like. This is a great knex gun, it can pierce right through a box, even though the bullet is an L shaped one. I also need a good name for it. It has a new trigger, but an old Idea for one, and the barrel is mine, never used this way before. I can't test the range , cause it just shoots way to far to do that!
Thanks for taking the time to see this.

Any comments?



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    you could stop the gun from bending when you pull the elastics by attaching supports from the barrel to the trigger

    Is it powerfull? Its more than powerfull, at 2 metre range it can shoot that bullet through a few cardboard boxes!

    only the pics, in reality it looks like a pump action shotgun from 007 nightfire

    what do you mean WAS? It is still awsome! although goldeneye for n64 is WAY better

    PS = does this work? = I mean the huge letters

    im using a weak but big band, so its just how I have it, change as you need. It has a stock and a semi accurate sight