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Hello! My name is Holly Shiver, I started BartendHER Inc. about a year ago. BartendHER is an all girls Bartending Staffing service that caters to private parties and events on the East Coast. The company is near and dear to my heart as I have a deep appreciation for craft cocktails and bartending/hospitality.

BartendHER is the only all girl bartending service catering to the DMV and NYC areas. BartendHER's services include bartending, guest bartending, hosting, promotional modeling, staffing and cocktail waitressing.

To win the Independence Project would be an amazing opportunity for BartendHER! With the prize I would grow my brand, continue to develop my website and marketing endeavors, and ultimately I would take the company nation wide. Over this past year I've done a lot of the ground work that goes into starting a company. BartendHER has received quite the buzz and people have been very receptive to the idea but winning this competition would be the difference in me having a start up company versus having a fully operated successful business. The opportunities are endless with BartendHER and I look forward to exploring them! Perhaps there are even sponsorship opportunities with Jack Daniels :)

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