Bartop Arcade MDF + Raspberry

Hi, this isn't my first proget in my life but is my first project on instructable

i'm italian and i say sorry for my bad english!!


3 MDF panels about 125cm x 61cm x 1,8cm

1 black monitor 14" - 4:3 with VESA support

2 kit arcade joystick from amazon with 1 joy + 8 big buttons and 2 mini buttons

1 old raspberry Pi mod 1b

1 usb phone charger 5V 2A and a micro USB cable

some cables and refuse from other project.


1 jiggle saw

1 diy table saw

1 7,2v screw driver

some vinyl glue

more screws

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Step 1: ​PART 1 - CUTTING

In this step i've only cutted all the piece of MDF and all the wooden support stripes of various sizes. i've used the jiggle saw and the table saw

Step 2: PART 2 - Drilling and Panels Mounting

in this step i've used more glue and more patience... a little iron square

Step 3: Final

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