Bas-relief Mirror

Introduction: Bas-relief Mirror

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How make a amazing laptop skins with a vinil cutter and a conform chrome flexible vinyl wrap film

You Need:
- A vinyl plotter as a Roland GX-24 o my little Roland iDecora.
- Avery Conform Chrome Flexible Vinyl Wrap or similar Film

Step 1: Cutting and Prepare

Prepare the vector graphic and cutting it using a adeshive vinyl film with the cutting plotter.

Peel ad apply a application tape to transfer the graphic onto the laptop cover.

Step 2: Mirror

Remove the application tape and apply the Chrome Flexible Vinyl Wrap Film.
With a phone you can conform the surface in the angle.

Step 3: Final Result

"Mirror, mirror on the laptop, Am I most beautiful of all?"

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't know about this flexible chrome stuff. It sure is expensive! Is it a lot different than mylar? I wonder if you could achieve something like this with mylar and some spray adhesive. Anyway, cool