Baseball Shotbat!

Introduction: Baseball Shotbat!

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Hello and thank you for taking a look at my newest idea, the shotbat! This spy weapon will allow you to surprise any assailant with the seven-dart fury of a shotgun, while looking like a normal baseball bat. NOTE: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE WITH THIS INVENTION OR ANY RELATED INVENTIONS

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Step 1: The Design

My original idea for the Shotbat is a baseball bat housing a party popper. The popper would be triggered by twisting the top of the bat. The bat shoots seven darts. My reason for building this invention was that i simply wanted a weapon i could use in two different ways during a nerf war; one as a shotgun, and two as a hitting (softly) device. I got positive comments from a friend on the creation of this bat, and therefore i thought i should give it a try. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Step 2: Materialz

You will need: 1 party popper; one (1 X 36 in) (2.5 X 91.4 cm) dowel rod; at least 1foot (30.5cm) of 1.5 in (3.8cm) diameter CPVC pipe; a hot glue gun; a ruler; a hacksaw; a plastic bag; 7 nerf darts; electrical tape; brownish duct tape; and three empty scotch tape rolls.

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Measure 12.25in (31.1cm) down the dowel rod and make a mark all the way around. Next, take your hacksaw and cut the rod at the mark you made. You will not need the smaller piece.

Step 4: Preparing the Party Popper

Take one of the empty scotch tape rolls and insert it into the bottom of the party popper. This may take a lot of hard pressing, but you'll get it eventually!

Step 5: Attaching the Rod

Put hot glue on one end of the dowel rod, and insert it through the tape roll to attach it to the party popper.

Step 6: Securing the Rod

For now, (I know it seems pointless, but its necessary for durability), remove the tape roll and slide it some ways up the rod. Apply glue around the rod inside the bottom of the party popper. Then, REATTACH the tape roll to the bottom of the popper, and add more glue. You can also add tape for security.

Step 7: The CPVC

Measure 1 foot (30.5cm) down the CPVC pipe and mark all the way around. Cut at the mark. You only need the 1 foot piece. Then, insert the 7 nerf darts into the party popper and compare its length to the pipe. Make a mark on the pipe to notate the loaded popper's length. Cut the pipe at the mark.

Step 8: Top Pipe

Test to make sure that the shorter section of pipe fits over the party popper and comes just to the break between the twister of the party popper and the black tube. Then, remove it and add glue to the side of the party popper. Place the CPVC on the tube again so it just comes to the gap between the twister and the top of the popper. The darts should not be visible.

Step 9: Bottom Pipe

Compare the length of the longer pipe to the uncovered portion of the popper. Slide a tape roll down the dowel rod so it is within the length of the pipe, as shown. Then, glue the tape roll in place. Next, slide the pipe over the rod and tape roll and onto the twister of the party popper. Glue in place. There should be a small gap between the top and bottom pipes to allow the party popper to spin still.

Step 10: Add Bag

Take the bag and wrap it around the bottom of the lower pipe and the dowel rod, to make a tapered shape. Use duct tape to tape in place.

Step 11: Taping the Top

Put the brown duct tape all over the top portions of the bat. DO NOT, however, tape up the gap between the top and bottom parts. Also tape up the handle.

Step 12: The 'Grip'

Wrap electrical tape around the lower portions of the handle to form a 'grip.'

Step 13: The Bottom Knob

Take the final tape roll and glue it to the bottom of the handle, to make a 'knob.'

Step 14: Finish Taping

Finish adding duct tape to make the Shotbat look more realistic. Leave the top open though, so the darts can get out.

Step 15: Firing

To fire, aim and twist the top of the to the right (clockwise).

Step 16: Reloading

To reload, CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY remove the top part of the bat at an angle. Then, press the pusher down on the spring so that the center rod goes through, and twist to lock. Then, replace the top of the bat and insert seven darts.

Step 17: Done!!!

Congratulations!!! You now have your very own Shotbat! Thanks for viewing and please favorite and follow! *Special thanks to Johnnybgood for your positive response to my idea. I hope this is JB enough for you!!!

Step 18: NOTE

This bat is NOT meant to be used for actual baseball. The bat is only meant for GENTLE hitting in a nerf war or similar game. Please remember, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES DON WITH THIS INVENTION. Thank you for acknowledging this and please have fun with the Shotbat!

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    Hey, it's Rascal (that guy you let in but was inactive and forgotten). I have an idea for a potential successor to the Shotbat. By minimizing the size of a atomic blasters reactor (old ball blaster), I can make an updated and easier shot bat, codenamed the Rocketbat. This would work by removing the spring and tank from a reactor and putting it inside a modified "Fisher Tykes" plastic baseball bat, with a low-profile priming handle from a vulcan triggering the reactor. Hopefuly this design will work. I was also tampering with the concept of using the party popper with grenades instead. Earlier names for the Rocketbat were the "OmegaBat" (referencing the energy-charged baseball bat used by Ace in late 1980s Doctor Who episodes) and Shotbat Mk2. I also have an idea for a lego powered C4 like device using party poppers. Anyways, thats it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You should use the last picture for your intro picture! Nice instructable! Have a great day!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I like it better. Usually people are more inclined to take a peek if they see the final product. Hope you get a lot more views! Have a great weekend!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the great suggestions! You have a great weekend (or Sunday) too! ;)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like! This was very James Bond idea. Next wiffle ball tournament better be careful.