Basement Ventilation

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The basement of a 1900 Townhouse in Antwerp has a lot of storage rooms and doors.
Some doors where placed afterwards and don't have sufficient ventilation, so instead of buying a vent I opt for a creative way.

In this case I was inspired by the artwork of Damien Hirst, a skull full of diamonds called 'For the love of God', who was inspired in his way by the Aztec culture. When the light in one of the storage rooms is switched on, the result is spectacular.

I like it a lot because an old door is upcycled, the basement ventilation is now fully good, it is fun to see and perhaps burglar-proof :-)

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Step 1: Choose Your Image

Choose your image, import it in a CAD program, and place as many dots you think is needed to get it right.
In my case I don't have a plotter, so I divided the dot-creation on A4-papers.

Notice : About using images, make sure to respect authorship.
This is a non-commercial project. .

Step 2: The Drilling Process

Remove the door, position the template and ... start drilling, in this case 204 holes.

Don't start with a hole saw because it will destroy the template, start with a small wood drill (pre-drilling). After pre-drilling, remove the template, continue with the hole saw but in 2 steps, front and back of the door, to prevent breaking up parts at the back of the door when drilled through.

Total drilled holes is the number of dots multiplied by 3, in this case I drilled into the door 612 times.

Step 3: Done

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