Basic 2D Printer VERY CHEAP


Introduction: Basic 2D Printer VERY CHEAP

So the idea is to build a very cheap 2 axis printer that can be later upgraded to 3 axis for various purposes.

I got my things from ebay:

8x SK10 10mm CNC Linear Rail Shaft Guide Support LJN New US $11.76

4x 5 x 5mm CNC Motor Jaw Shaft Coupler 5mm To 5mm Flexible Coupling Fashion US $9

metric threaded rod with some bolts

pieces of aluminium sheet

L profile

4x 5V Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 US $8

20CM Dupont Wire Color Jumper Cable 2.54mm 1P-1P Female to Female N4U8

10 PCS Miniature Rubber Sealed Metal Shielded Metric Radial Ball Bearing Model US $2.42

Arduino UNO

Step 1: Adding Third Axis and Motor..



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    I'm also making some 3 axis CNC with the screw mechanism but now I guess using belts and pulleys would be more precise because that way you have the advantage of easy microstepping .

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    On the contraty, here you have motor Speed Variation Ratio 1/64 and for every revolution of the shaft, the nut moves just a little. Just imagine turning the screw and holding the nut.

    many thanks for sharing this,i wonder how to realize each 2 step motors move at same pace.what program you used?

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    They are connected in paralel so same sequence goes to both 28BYJ-48 stepper motors, that way left and right side run simultaneously. You can find code for this stepper anywhere. I didn't write the code, I changed direction(or stopped) on motors.

    I used to use something like this waay back in the dawn of time for printing technical drawings it was called a plotter.