Basic Amigurumi Rabbit

Introduction: Basic Amigurumi Rabbit

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Finally it’s here the basic Amigurumi crochet pattern. As you have probably already noticed the pattern is drawn in the Japanese way. In principle it’s super-logic, if you read the legend first and then follow the signs it speaks for itself.

I made this pattern for an exhibition and workshop that I gave in Denmark in October at the local crafts council of Sønderborg.

You start with the head, the top of the head, and basically crochet in circles, increasing and decreasing to make the shape. The head, body and legs are all made out of one piece. The eyes, ears and nose are made as loose decorative pieces that you stitch on. The underside of the foots are like lids that you stitch on to close off, and the arms are crochetted seperately and stitched on. Amigurumi is crochetted tightly and you need to stuff the amigurumi as you go, particularly the head needs to be well stuffed.
wrt further colouring, patterning and styling, the only limit is your imagination. You can make stripes, dots, little characters exactly as you please. I usually use left-over yarns, as I find it interesting how the limited choice of materials can lead to new creative ideas.

I have a little advise, amigurumi needs to be crochetted tight, but don’t let that lead to tight and tense shoulders. You should take regular breaks and move shoulders, arms and hands to get the blood circulated. F.x. you can stand up and gently swing your arms back and forwards that’s a very good exercise.

(PS: this basic pattern does not include all the details of the accessories such as skirts, hair/hats etc)

Step 1: Colour- and Material Choice

Before you start you need to choose your colours and materials. I just choose from my stash and try to make a nice combination. sometimes I use a point of inspiration such as a visual of the future owner, or I think of particular characteristics and preferences of that person.

It's best to use some hard cotton or acrylic yarn, soft wool is not such a good idea.
try to make sure that the yarn is all approximately same thickness, I usually like to crochet with yarn that fits hook 3,5, but as long as you up- or downscale your hook according to the yarn it doesn't matter. The only thing that will change is the size of the rabbit. I.e. I'm currently working on a version with hook 12, that will become a huge rabbit.

For the eyes (if you choose to crochet them), the muzzle and ears I usually like to use thin yarn fitting hook 1,5

Step 2: The Crochet Pattern

Now start to crochet!!

The pattern is real logic and speaks for itself as long as you follow the legend. just start with number one (the top of the head) and then go around in circles/spirals. 

Step 3: Accessorizing

First thing you will finish is the head, I usually like to finish styling the head before I continue with the rest. I use pins of safety pins to place the different elements, before I stitch them on definitely.

You also need to stuff on the go, the head needs to be stuffed hard, the rest a little less hard.
You can change colours etcetc to make stripes or patterns in which ever way you like, the only limit is your fantasy.

Skirts etc, I usually knit on at the end.
The heart on the t-shirt of the "hysterical manga rabbit" I crocheted following the instructions from Skip-to-my-lou
The arm and ears you crochet and stitch on separately.

Step 4: Finished Amigurumi Rabbits

Here are some finished models to inspire you!

good luck with crocheting!!

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