Basic Android Security System




Most IP webcams can cost from $50 per camera, and the quality still isnt that great. In this Instuctable you will learn how to use and old android phone as an IP security camera and then run it from a desktop computer. The HTC Hero can be found for dirt cheap, $25 for a new one, or if you have a bunch lying around, you just need a working camera.

Step 1: Install IP Webcam on the Phones Being Used.

On the play store there is an app called IP Webcam. There is a free version and a paid version. You will only need the free version. Once installed, scroll down and click on "Local Broadcasting." The primary address family can stay as it is, but if your using multiple cameras change each phone to their each individual port (i.e. 8080, 8081,8082, etc.) I recommend also changing the Login/Password. After this go back to the first page and hit "Start server." after this you will see a feed from your camera and an IP address at the bottom. Make a note of this. Most are very similar.

Step 2: Install and Open VideoLAN

Install a software called VideoLAN, or VLC. There is an install link below. After it is installed, open it.

Step 3: Connecting Your Android to VideoLAN

After VideoLAN opens, at the top left, click "Media" then "Open Network Stream." Type in the link that IP Webcam gave you after you start streaming. it will be at the bottom of the screen of your phone. Type it into VLC, and after the port type "/video" and type in the Login/Password into VideoLAN. After a second it will pop up wth your video feed. Depending on how good your internet connection is will be how small the gap is between the phone and computer. For running multiple cameras, open multiple VLC windows on your computer and connect to the different ports. Hope this helps!



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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Is there a way to add IR to it, to make it useful at night? I'd like to figure this out and use it on a houseboat to be able to see any and all blindspots. I figure setting a camera every so many feet and having them all run to a monitor that has to displays arranged in accordance with the cameras' positions on the outside of the houseboat would be a good way to see all around the boat without having to run around a lot. I'm lazy. I hate running.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    If the camera on the phone supports/has ir then yes.


    4 years ago

    I did something similar only I used Samsung Galaxy S3s. Then from my regular phone I use IP Camera Viewer. Once I VPN to my network from the outside I can see all 3 cameras and throughout I only used a PC to configure the router. The biggest downside is that in the dark the camera is useless and woild benefit from an IR source to illuminate the target area.


    4 years ago

    this will come in handy a lot when out of town or in a vacation