Double Thread Knot Sewing




Introduction: Double Thread Knot Sewing

Intro: Single thread knot (running stitch) is used in most cases of sewing. The strength of a connection depends on the strength of the thread. A double thread knot sewing technique and help with stronger connections. Sewing machines are fast and precise for a large amount of sewing works, but we still need to do hand sewing dealing with fabric for some detail works. Hand sew beginners often find it time consuming making knots and finishing. This report will show some basic techniques that can be used for better connections and faster processes for hand sewing.

Step 1: Concept of a Double Thread Knot

The concept of double thread knot is simply use a single string of thread to create a two way path, which means that the needle will lead two threads path through with one stitch go through. This process would take more threads, of course, but would make connection stronger and avoid the chance of thread getting off from a needle, which is a very good practice for beginners. People today usually throw cloth after little damage. But with basic hand sewing skill, you can fix your favorite shirt slightly damaged by the washing machine. I personally learnt the skill from my grandmother by helping her due to her eye problem.

Take a string of thread and make it go half way through the needle so the thread would have two segments with the same length on each side.

Step 2: Basic Knot

After making the double way through the needle, it’s time to make a knot. Here will introduce a basic way and a quicker way for making knots.

Take the end of the threads and grab both threads. Make a circle loop and hold on the bottom. Put finger in the loop, twist several times (more times means bigger knot). Then take the end of the thread and make it pass through the loop. Drag and done.

Step 3: Advance Knot

In Step 2 introduce the basic way of making knot. The second way to do so would need some practice, but will be faster at the end.

Take the end of the thread as normal. Make a loop on index finger. Hold the thread with thumb. Push forward the thumb and make the thread loop twisting between the thumb and index finger. Pull out index finger slowly while keeping pressing the thumb and keeping the thread twisting. Don’t let the thread go until the end of the thread pass through the loop. Tight it.

Step 4: Finishing

Enclosure is fairly easier than making knots at the beginning.

Grab the thread with index finger, make a loop around finger and twist finger with thread for several times. Lead the thread to pass the loop with needle. Drag and make the knot on the surface. Press on the knot so that it won’t get away. Drag and tight.

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    4 years ago

    This is really great for beginners!