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Where I live there is almost unpredictable whether and some seeds don't make it to become a seedling from the cold. So i made a small basic grow box for seeds to become seedlings.It has a small window for sun and warmth, a small hole for air and opens.(of course).

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Step 1: Get Container

Get a container you would like to make the grow box and put foil on the base as it will reflect the sun and warm the walls.

Step 2: Put in Window

I cut the top off and put in a yoghurt container and cut out the base and put clear tape to close the hole on both sides. Make a small holes on the container (minimum 2) for air to pass through.

Step 3: Extra Stuff

In empty bottle lids I put in round cotton pads at the base of lids put seeds in there and cover in another cotton pad and fill it with water and remove the extra water away, put in the box, close the lid and your finished.

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    3 years ago

    thats bad ass I used a Tupperware container and a box from Amazon