Basic Hooping Lessons Part 1

About: I am an engineering student at Stony Brook university, and a hoop dancer. I am, The Hoopgineer!
These videos are a compilation of a few basic hooping videos.

Video Lesson 1: Basics of hooping in natural direction.
Covers: Basic hooping, Way to toss hoop, Stances, Hoop Points of Contact.

The first video will teach the basics of hula hooping. You will learn the two different hula hooping stances, the critical points the hoop makes with the body in each stance, and general tips and tricks for hooping.

Video Lesson 2: Reversing the direction of the hoop.
Covers: The tips and how to of reversing the direction of a hoop while it is in motion.

You should begin to practice this trick after you can comfortably sustain hooping in both directions. You do not have to have both directions mastered, but it can make the trick easier to learn.
If you can comfortably hoop in your natural direction but not so well in your reverse direction you can still practice this hoop by tossing it from your natural direction. But it will be challenging to keep it up once reversed.

If you would like to see more tricks leave a comment below!

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    thank you i'm trying to be a hoop dancer and ican only do a few tricks , just , like bringing my hoop from my waist to the air while hooping but i cant quite get it down again , it usually lands on my head :) i would love more videos please :)

    4 replies

    I wanted to let you know, I made a video today for bring the hoop from your waist to above your head. It is now available on my youtube channel. When I get a few more videos edited I'll make another instructable.

    The link:

    Now that I know at least someone is interested I will post more! I actually just made a few videos today. My cousin wanted to learn some tricks so I figured why not make a video while teaching her! When I get a chance this weekend I'll post it on my youtube channel then make an instructable or add to this one.

    The new videos to look for are waist to head hooping, above head back to waist, and a few ways to start the hoop besides just starting it around your waist.