Basic Knex Gun





Introduction: Basic Knex Gun

Some modifications on the basic knex cannon. Adding a more realistic trigger device, and a handle. An d a bit of extra power.

Step 1: Gather Parts

Here is a list. About half way through making it I decided to replace 1 of the grey end clips with 2 blue spacers instead. But either way can be done.
I messed up, add 1 red rod to the list of needed parts.

Step 2: Barrel

The barrel is 2 long grey rod with 6 reds at the end of them, then the 2 blue spacers(or one grey end clip if you don't mind it sticking out at an odd angle) on one rod, and an organge piece with a white rod in it as the jam blocker.

Step 3: Ram Rod

Yellow rod with a grey end cap,this is what the rubber bands will go through. Orange connector is what you pull on. It isn't needed, but makes it easier to pull. Then two grey end connectors pointing at angles that will keep the rod in in place. These will be fed onto the grey pieces in the barrel

Step 4: Handle

The handle is a yellow rod and a blue rod with 6 white connectors between them.

Step 5: Handle Connection

First thing is notice the grey end connnector on the far left, that is the end of the ram rod. You must insert that before you do this step. Now to the actually barrel connection. It is 1 white connector and 4 red connectors pushed all the way to the oppoite end of the barrel. Then connect the handle as shown in the last picture.

Step 6: Trigger

The trigger is fairly simple. Just a red rod with an orange piece cliped to it, and a grey end connector fed onto it. To connect the trigger connect one end to the opposite side of the orange piece as the ram rod blocker and the grey end cap tha is fed onto the red rod to one of the grey rods of the barrel. You can play around with what angle you want the orange piece to sit at, this is what you will push in order to fire.

Step 7: Bands

I was working with pretty average sized rubber bands what I did used 4 of them. I looped 2 bands together then fed that through the end of the ram rod and wrapped it around the end of the barrel, and did this on bothe sides. Then one of the bands on the left side wraps over the ram rod blocker. The picture shown is in the cocked position.

Step 8: Fire

To load: after cocking insert desired ammo into the end of the barrel(white rods are what I use, but the tiny green, or blue rods would work as well.)
To fire just push the orange pice of the trigger over which will move the ram rod blocker out of the way.



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    20 Discussions

    wait sorry rong link its just called semi-automatic pistol(its not reall semi auto) but anyways this is even more awsome with the hopper/ magazine

    i just built four of these things so me and my buddys can have a war and they dont know the gun or this website exist!

    yeah, that part was pretty difficult to snap in there. Had throbbing fingers by the time tht I got it, The way I did it was to put the white ones both the blue and the yellow. then it isn't as bad, or you can replace the blue rod with a yellow one so that its longer and would make putting the white ones on easier.

    hey um can u sub the red connectors with som different ones i dnt hav enughf

    2 replies

    Yeah, the ones at the top of the handle would be the easiest to replace. You could use any color except for either of the grey ones, or the orange. If you need to replace more than that, I would use green ones that have 4 clips, or yellow that is 5. Just try to keep the bands so that the unused clips are not interfering with them.

    wow, i've seen a lot, 3 haha, but this is by far the best, so much power and so easy to use. i'd give it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5

    NICE one of the most powerful knex basic guns ive seen

    hey... where u been?

    ive been checking on here every day but i havent been replying to anything.

    i seen a lot of these but this is the best by far