Basic K'nex Launcher




Introduction: Basic K'nex Launcher

I have created my 6th K'nex gun but this is the first I've posted. This was an accident that almost took out my step-mom's eye. After you finish this simple launcher, keep it and do my other launcher attachments.

Step 1: Get the Pieces

Youwill need
• 10 yellow connecters
• 4 orange connecters
• 3 red rods
• 2 yellow rods
• 1 small rubber band
• 1 asparagus rubber band

Step 2: Build the Base

Attach the 10 yellow connecters to two red rods as shown in pictures.

Step 3: Build the Ammo Holder Essential!

Attach three orange connecters to two yellow rods as shown in pictures. Then attach with small rubber band to front five pieces of yellow connecters as shown.

Step 4: Build the Ram

Attach an orange connecter to the last red rod and insert this through the holes made by the yellow connecters.

Step 5: Ttach the Rubber Band (asparagus)

Attach it as shown or make it your own way as long as it gives a good pull but enough flexibility to be pulled back all the way.

Step 6: FIRE!

Aim carefully and if you did it right, it should launch over 20 feet. Keep this if you want to add my other attachments. Hope you like it, but all copy belong to me, the awesome 12 year old.



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    try a grenade launcher upgrade. and if you want different, look at knexfreek's guns. but to be famous in ibles guns dont have to be different. look at i-am-canadian. he made 6 knex guns with the same firing mechanism and all he did was make a massive gun, and make several more of them, each getting smaller. then on the sixth one he had a different design, but same sort of mechanism. so yeah. different is good, but improvement on one thing is good too.

    ok just an idea , i just tried it replace the middle red stick with a long gray stick , it works better

    My friend and I are making a glove and if we scrounge enough pieces we will make a full "Iron Man" suil. We already have 12 guns of all sorts.

    1 reply

    I know this sucks when my sister makes something better:(

    well, yea but this gun is garbage with out it. even with the rapid fire upgrade it still will not be that great... but its ok for your first gun.

    I am a really smart 12 year old, I just don't have enough pieces and I had three minutes to do this in my car.

    ok, well making K'Nex guns does not have much to do with how smart you are.(though being smart always helps!) you see, here in the K'Nex community we like to have innovative guns, not just the same guns over and over. take the DD-27 for example, its not just a basic K'Nex gun. even if your gun is not really innovative at least put some time into it. 3 minutes is not a very long time. try to improve the design. even if you do not have very many pieces you can build something better then this.

    thanks When i go back to my dads house, i will make a rapid fire upgrade.

    You may want to add more to this... but a pretty well done instructable good job!