Basic Knex Truck With NEW Options





Introduction: Basic Knex Truck With NEW Options

This is my knex truck that can be modified in various ways. The basic truck has rear leaf spring suspension (no front suspension because of special parts but it is in the mod part of instructable), fake engine, and strong body. After the truck instructions I will have numerous mods for it from different suspension types to new bumpers. If u have ideas plz submit them and they might be inserted into the instructable. I will add more to this in weeks to come but dont expect one every week.


Step 1: The Engine/front End

This shows you how to build the front end, fake engine, and front axle (no suspension). Steps in order of pics

Step 2: Cab

This is the cab of the truck

Step 3: Truck Bed/rear Suspension

This is the bed and rear suspension, containing leaf spring suspension

Step 4: Put It Together

Connect the ends together (pretty self explanitory)

Step 5: Better Brush Guard

This makes the front end look much better

Step 6: Rear Roll Bar

This is the rear roll bar. It makes the bed look smaller, it makes it look cooler, and it will withstand some weight.

Step 7: Front Suspension

This uses shocks made by knex, the reason why i didn't make it standard.

Step 8: Hidden Gun (with Hopper)

This is a gun that i built to fit inside the truck with most other accesories on the truck. The hopper is from Hack124x768's pump action gun. WARNING: Will not work with the new brush guard, i'm working on an adaptor that will allow it though.U can also mount one on the drivers side of the truck if u want.

1st: Take off roof (and the rear roll bar if u have it)
2nd: follow pictures as close as possible (srry if out of order)
3rd: place rood (and rear roll bar) back on

Step 9: Prototype 4WD System (Transfer Case)

I need help on this but it works like the actual transfer case on a real truck, it brings the power from the engine to the transfer (and keeps going to the rear axle), then it runs a gear that brings power to the front axle. It should be fairly simple to fiqure out how i built everything.

Diagram (I made this)

front axle --

engine-----transfer case -------- rear axle



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    60 Discussions

    nice truck it looks a bit like a 70s ford falcon xa xb or xc ute i love it im am building it right now

    its okay, try putting suspension on it to improve but is pretty cool 4*

    maybe use a hinge in stead of ball joint

    dude thats almost like my idea!

    i added those big yellow gears for wheels and put a motor and a gear reuction box in the back....if i put rubberbands on the wheels they get great traction and can climb over lots. i also kept the rear suspension when i mounted the motor!

    I made some cool mods to the truck and thought I would show you. I would be more than happy to post them if you would like me to. The mods include interior which includes seats and a steering wheel, opening doors, front suspension that doesn't use those yellow and black springs (because some people don't have those; like me) and a tail pipe. let me know what you think. :)



    i like your pickup is BIG but i change the rear suspension and i add 2
    wheels like a semi truck but it has no suspension it looks cool.
    soory i cant show you pics my camera got f up =(

    i will show you when i fix my camera ok.

    is that axle red rod or gray rod???

    no it takes less knex this model does so your wrong mr. cowboy

    knex needs to make real u joints.

    come up with anything to solve this? i wouldn't mind some way to use it

    Oh yeah tried the crew cab short bed, that didnt work. Weak back axle