Basic Liquid Latex Cuts

Introduction: Basic Liquid Latex Cuts

Want to know how to make horror effects? They aren't as expensive or difficult as you might think. Here is a simple to follow tutorial on cuts for all your Halloween or prank related needs. The cuts can be on all kinds of places on the body and face. Plus they are reusable!

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Step 1: Items You'll Need

  • Liquid Latex (available online or in craft/costume stores.)
  • toilet paper
  • some paintbrushes/sponges (cheap is perfectly fine, as the one you'll need for the latex will be ruined.)
  • a razor
  • lotion
  • skin tone makeup (Something to match your skin tone.)
  • color makeup (Available for around a dollar in the Halloween sections of Target, Walmart, and etc. Red and black are all that's required, though you can get creative.)
  • fake blood
  • (optional) barrier spray or holding spray for long lasting effects.

Step 2: Shave the Area

Begin by shaving the area you wish to latex. Keep in mind those small hairs that may be hard to see. If you skip this step, removal of the prosthetic will be much like a waxing: painful.

If the area is a place you're unwilling to shave, like your eyebrows, coat them first (and liberally) with olive oil, vegetable oil, aloe vera, or etc, before beginning.

Step 3: Moisturize Me!

Next, put some lotion on exposed skin of the shaved area. Some good moisture will help keep your skin happy during application and removal.

Step 4: Prepare the Latex.

Shake the bottle of liquid latex well and let it vent out a bit. Let that ammonia scent dissipate and help yourself to breathe.

For safety's sake, make sure you are not allergic to latex. Make sure to test it on your arm/hand before you apply more of it. If your skin burns, stings, and breaks out: do not use liquid latex.

Step 5: Begin Coating

Begin by dipping the paintbrush in latex and spreading it over the area. Start off with a nice thin layer so the edges will blend into your skin. Bigger (than the desired final area) is better.

Let the latex dry. It'll turn a darker color. You can blow on it or use a hairdryer or fan to speed things up.

Keep in mind, the latex will ruin the paintbrush when it dries on it.

Step 6: Add More Layers

Paint on another layer on top of the dry one. Try to make it slightly smaller so the farthest edges are thin- this way it'll be less obvious where you skin ends and latex begins.

Try not to move your skin too much. Otherwise the latex will wrinkle.

Step 7: Add Toilet Paper

For areas in which you'd like it especially raised, add toilet paper. Try to rip it apart until it is only a 1 ply sheet. Then tear it to the desired shape. Finally, press it down onto a layer of fresh and wet latex.

Once that is dry you can add another layer on top to completely cover it. Let that dry, too.

Step 8: Cut It Open

Once it is as raised as you'd like, cut the center of the latex open. Make sure you don't cut your skin! I used a toothpick and scissors to get the job done. At this step you can peel flaps back, stretch it open, or make all kinds of little holes. Whatever you desire to make it the wound you want.

For a bit more advanced measures, you can also add another layer of latex and toilet paper inside the hole. That will make for a textured inside- like an unclean cut. Add as much texture as you'd like!

Step 9: Begin to Color the Inside Red

Take your color makeup and paintbrush and color the inside of the cut red.

Step 10: Detail the Inside

Especially around the edges, add definition with black to make the cut obvious. You can now add other colored makeup if you wish. A bit of green and yellow can make for gangrene in there.

Step 11: Blend the Prosthetic In

Use the makeup that matches your skin tone to color the skin part of your latex. Paint it in or rub with fingers. Make sure the edges are nice and have a smooth transition into your skin. It should blend in nicely now.

Step 12: Add Fake Blood and Detail

Now is the time to add some drops of fake blood. Try to flick or sponge a bit around the edges for a splatter effect. Mm, gooey.

Step 13: Your Cut Is Complete!

Your cut is now complete! Use it to freak out your friends and passersby!

If you wish, you can spray it with barrier or setting spray to help the latex last longer and the makeup to keep from smearing when touched. This is especially important if you've placed the cut on skin that will move a lot: around the mouth, on the wrist, or etc.

Step 14: Removal Is Easy

Removal should be an easy peel. Grip the edge and pull it off. If necessary, get it wet with soapy water to aid in this, but well moisturized skin should make it a breeze.

Step 15: Keep the Piece!

The nice thing about these liquid latex prosthetic pieces is that you can wear them immediately after you've made them or you can remove it and wear it again later! As long as you remove it gently, the piece can be reapplied. Simply repeat the shave, lotion, and first layer of liquid latex, and then press the piece on top of it. Spirit gum or eyelash glue are also viable options for this.

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