Basic Net Wire Wrap




This is a good rustic wrap for irregular stones, crystals, and sea glass. To dress it up a little you can use longer wires and add beads or charms as you close the bail at the end.

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Step 1: Materials

-irregular or tumbled stone, crystal

-2 1/2’ 20 or 22 ga wire

-flat nose pliers

-round nose pliers

-wire cutters

-mandrel or tubular object

Optional but useful:

-needle nose pliers

-nylon jaw pliers

Step 2: Start With a Twist

Hold two 15” wires and twist them together just short of the middle. Twist at least 3 times.

Separate the two wires past the twist. Hold the twisted wire against the stone and pull/bend the open wires so they lie on either side.

Step 3: Finishing the First Loop

Still holding the twist, bring the two bottom wires around until they cross. Twist them together and fold them up against the stone.

Step 4: Capture

Spread the wires at the top of each twist across the stone front and back-they’ll cross in the middle. (Like the twists are hugging the stone!)

Hold the twists in place, and keep pushing the stone down into the opening. (It’ll try to push the stone UP.) Twist the wires crossing in the front, then the ones that cross in the back.

Step 5: And Repeat!

Keep twisting alternating sides until you reach the top of the stone.

Step 6: Start the Bail

Once you reach the top twist the last pairings together until about 1” short of the wire’s end.

Twist the two twisted wires together once, then make a loop out of them by wrapping them around the mandrel.

Step 7: Wraping Up the Bail

Hold one of the twisted wires down and use the other to wrap around the wires gathered below the loop.

Tuck the end of the wrapping wire under the one sticking down and trim it.

Step 8: Adding Spirals

Now wrap that twisted wire around once. Makes spirals from the loose ends and tamp them against the base of the bail.

Step 9: Optional Twists

Grasp the middle of the wires between the twists with needle nose pliers and give them a quarter turn down.

It’s a good way to tighten the wires if they’re a little loose and further secure irregularly shaped stones.



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11 Discussions


10 months ago

I used this wrap to make a necklace and earrings and it worked great! I also made the necklace chain with the same wire!

2 replies

11 months ago

Thanks for making me feel like I can do it. I'll post when I find the right object to do it with. Also, I think I'll try using really thin stainless steel wire so it won't discolor or rust.

1 reply

Reply 10 months ago

Go for it, let me know how it works, I've never worked with stainless steel.


11 months ago

You make it look so easy! I doubt my efforts will be even half so good, but at least you've made it look easy enough for me to try - so thanks for that.


11 months ago

I think I'll do this but with thinner wire.

Kink Jarfold

11 months ago on Step 9

This reminded me so much of a crystal amulet in the book The Demon Plague by Joreid McFate. Only that one had a perfect five-pointed star in its center and was wrapped in silver filigree. Nicely done. KJ

Foretold-artist's eye.png
Penolopy Bulnick

11 months ago

Oooh, I feel like I could actually do this! I want to try it with all the sea glass I have :)


11 months ago

I like this and will definitly try it, thanks for sharing!