Basic Pizza Dough

Introduction: Basic Pizza Dough


All Purpose Flour(Maida) - 2 Cups

Dry Active Yeast - 1tsp

Salt - 1/2tsp

Sugar - 1tsp

Water + Milk - 1Cup

Olive Oil - 1tsp

Method I
•Warm the water +  milk mixture add Sugar, Yeast stir well and keep aside for 10minutes.
•Forms a foamy substance, mix well and now add this to the flour.

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Step 1: Step 1

•Add salt and knead like a chapathi dough by adding 1tsp of olive oil in halfway.

Step 2: Step 2

Now roll with rolling pin make even layer as you prepare chapathi (Indian flat bread) and place in the oil greased or warm pan(So the dough won't shrink in size).

Step 3: Step 3

Method II

The dough preparation is same as first method. Instead of rolling immediately, allow the dough to sit in warm place.

Preheat the oven to 200° F for 2 mins(just warming up) and keep the dough for 1-2hrs to raise.

After fermentation the dough will double in size, very soft and bit sticky, apply more flour/oil to roll.

I have used round 8" inch cak pane and prepared a thick crust.

For clear picturization click Veg Wheat Pizza.

Bake the dough

Pick your convenient method of preparing pizza base. Now the base is ready to bake.

Bake the dough to 350° F for 7-10mins(till light brown).

Now your crust is ready to top up with pizza sauce and favourite toppings.


1. Prick with fork in the dough to cook evenly with no air bubbles. To show fermentation I didn't do that.

2. The milk/water mixture should be at lukewarm temperature hot mixture will kill the yeast and gives some sour taste to the pizza.

3. Pizza crust Yeast are available in market if you use that then no rising time, very simple to prepare. Just add flour, yeast,vwater and salt. Mix, Knead, Roll and bake the dough immediately.

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