Basic Rainbow Loom Bracelet




Introduction: Basic Rainbow Loom Bracelet

What if you have a rainbow loom but don't know how to make a bracelet of any kind? I can help you with that. This is my first Instructable, so please comment.

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Step 1: It All Started With This Rubber Band...

Take a rainbow loom rubber band and put it diagonally on the loom. Remember to use the loom with the red arrow pointing away from you, and to use only special rainbow loom rubber bands.

Step 2: One More Time...

You should keep doing this as you travel up the loom. Keep going diagonal, and stop when you reach the end.

Step 3: Photo Reference!!!

Your loom should look like the picture. If it doesn't, you should try again.

Step 4: Hook It!

This part gets tricky. Turn the loom upside down so the red arrow points toward you. Grab the rubber band exposed on the first peg toward you and pull it onto the next peg. Keep doing this until you run out of pegs.

Step 5: First Hook!!!

When you hook your first band it will look like this. Just so you know if you should start over.

Step 6: Photo Reference 2!!!

When you're done, you're loom should look like this. Almost done!

Step 7: C-Clip Saves the Day!

For the next step, you'll need a C-Clip. These come with the rainbow loom, but they don't magically reappear overnight, so that's why people sell them online!

Step 8: Clipping the C-Clip!

Stick the C-Clip on the two bands that you hooked last. You are super-duper close to being a part of the latest fashion craze!

Step 9: Taking Shape!

Gently pull the bracelet off the loom. Don't pull too hard or you'll pull off a chunk of the bracelet and it will all fall apart.

Step 10: Yay!!!!!!

Attach the C-Clip to the other end of the bracelet. Can't get easier than that!

Step 11: Wear With Pride!!!

See, now wasn't that easier than you thought?!

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