Basic Survival House

This house uses some techniques from the cottage so if I was you I would check it out

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Step 1: Frame

Copy the layout from the image with oak or spruce wood depending on which wood you've got most of.

Step 2: Build It Up, Build It Up

Build up the wood two more high which gives a total of three high.(the cobble and glass rant needed).

Step 3: Joining the Dots

Like we did in the cottage join the wood beams with more wood.

Step 4: Flooring

Using planks, fill in the ground

Step 5: Double Layer Baby

With, guess what, more wood build up on the corner of the house

Step 6: Roofy Roof

Pictures will explain this one

Step 7: The Walls

Using oak and cobblestone make the using this pattern

Step 8: Top Floor

Like we did with the floor fill in the top layer

Step 9: Stairs

Stairs are simple I don't need to explain that do I?

Step 10: Top Layer Walls

Like we did with the bottom, do the walls with wood planks

Step 11: Roof

Using stairs, fill in the roof

Step 12: Windows, Doors and Fences and Farm

Fill in the holes with glass and doors, join up the top with fences and finally in the corner you are done

Step 13: Finished

I hope you like it and tell me what you think

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3 years ago

This house looks awesome mate!


3 years ago

New instructible out soon