Basic Two Strand Bead Necklace

Introduction: Basic Two Strand Bead Necklace

I always have an interest towards jewelry making. Recently, I got a chance to attend a jewelry making session and learnt a very basic jewelry making technique. In this instructable, I would love to share a simple step by step method of making a necklace that is simple and looks good. Hope it helps :-)

Step 1: Items Required

1) Beads (approximately 20 beads in white and grey)

2) Silver craft wire - 24 gauge

3) Jump Rings - 2 different sizes

4) Lobster clasp

5) Round Tip Pliers

6) Needle Nose Pliers

7) Flush Cutter

8) Scale

Step 2: Getting the Beads Ready

1) Before starting, first decide on the number of strands you wish to have in the necklace, the color of the beads and how long you would prefer the necklace.

2) Take the 24 gauge silver jewelry wire and cut it into 1 inch pieces (around 40 pieces) using the scale and flush cutter.

3) Take the cut 1 inch piece, at one end try to bend it into a loop using the round tip pliers.

4) Then insert the bead through the other end and bend that end also into a loop securing the bead in between the loops formed.

5) Similarly for all the beads insert the 1 inch cut gauge wire forming loops on both sides of the bead as described in steps 3 and 4. (The length of the wire pieces can be altered depending on the size of the bead chosen)

Step 3: Making the Necklace

1) Once the beads are all ready now its time for making the necklace.

2) Arrange the beads and the jump rings on a table forming a necklace. so that we can get to know how it looks when it is finished. Any changes or alterations can be made at this stage. (Its all up to our imagination)

3) Once the design is decided start joining the bead and the jump rings forming the outer loop.

4) Then similar to the outer loop form the inner loop with the different color beads. Then join the inner loop and outer loop at the ends. (I added one bead in the middle of the each strand.)

5) Finally add few more jump rings at both ends of the necklace and a lobster clasp to lock the necklace.

2 Strand Bead Necklace is done !!!!

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    Gorgeous; nice job!