Basic Zippo Opening Trick

About: Feel free to check out my Instagram, it is charggear. A wannabe machinist. I'm always trying to improve my techniques. Most of the time I'm making lantern keychains and pens

Step 1:

First you need a zippo. You'll need to hold it in one hand onthe side with the hinge

Step 2:

You then need to take your other hand and bring it along side the zippo with enough friction to open the lid

Step 3:

At this point the lid should be open, now for the hard(ER) part

Step 4:

You now new to bring your hand down so it hits the striker. I hit my hand on the wind sheild quite a lot. It should light now

Step 5:

And it's lit! It would be cool to then close it with the basic close in my other instructable.( please make sure to check it out!) I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to follow or comment.



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