Basic of Verilog

Introduction: Basic of Verilog

HDl design:

Here i gonna explain about basic funadamental of writing programe in verilog .here i show that or operation done by me with design as well as test bench. try this on online programing websites.

Design: format for understanding

module npu (q,x,y); module portname (output,input);

output q; ..output ..

input x,y; input.......

or (q,x,y); gate operation(output,input)

endmodule finish module }


module testnpu; Write test with portname

wire q; Consider wire as input of design

reg x,y; Consider register as output of design

npu u1(.x(x),.y(y),.q(q)); define value

initial begin ( write this for read value as binary)

$monitor("%t %b %b %b",$time,x,y,q);

initial begin (write input which i learn in in truth table )

#5 x=0;y=0;

#10 x=0;y=1;

#15 x=1;y=0;

#20 x=1;y=1;



output: this output get from

0 x x x
5 0 0 0

15 0 1 1

30 1 0 1

50 1 1 1

V C S S i m u l a t i o n R e p o r t

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