Basic Rules for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Intro: Basic Rules for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

This is not a step by step guide, it's just a few things that not a lot of guides think of.

Step 1:

Right, first and foremost, once someone is bitten they stop being your friend, brother, sister, they are as good as dead, so unless you wanna end up like then dot them a favour and put them out of their misery, I would say shoot them in the head, but guns are loud, so use a knife, or a crossbow, something that doesn't make a lot of noise.

Step 2: Weapons

Pretty much anything strong enough to either go through a skull, or at least sever the spinal cord. I'll admit personally I love guns, but given the choice between a rifle and a crossbow I'd take the crossbow, for a few reasons, 1. reusable ammo, once you clear out all the zombies of an area you can carefully go back and get back your arrows, but a word of advice, clean them, and do not use the same arrows for hunting food as you do for killing zombies, it isn't worth the risk. 2. Quieter, regardless of whether or not any zombies hear your shot and find, a survivor might, and that survivor might not be too friendly. Whatever you are planning to kill, with whatever you're killing it with, aim for the head.

Knives: only use as a last resort, cause it means you have to be very close to kill a zombie, however what they are good for is killing people who have been bitten, but not turned yet, personally I would either stab them in the temple and twist, or stab them in the heart first, so they don't suffer too much, one thing I will say is do not slit their wrists to kill them before stabbing them in the temple, because it is a very bad idea to have that much infected blood squirting all over the place.

Step 3: Survivors

No matter what, you are your number 1 priority, yes by all means have a group of people you trust, but always be cautious. Eventually food will become scarce, and some groups turn to cannibalism, trust no outsiders, an easy way to tell if a person is a cannibal is watch their hands, cannibalism causes kuru, which gives people the shakes, but this only happens if they’ve been cannibals for a while, as a standard rule I’d say if it eats people it deserves to die, zombie and person alike. However cannibals aren't your only problem, you’ve also got scavengers (people who want what you have and will do anything to get it) also the loss a government may cause people to give up on their perceptions of right and wrong, for example rape and murder may be normal to some people.

To put it in simply: if you don't know them don't trust them. Be aware of people, if you bring someone into the group keep them under constant surveillance, and for the love of god do NOT show them were the food, weapons are kept, or what the emergency escape plan is until you are certain you can trust them. Also, if somthing or someone sounds too good true to be true it probably isn't.

Step 4: The Cure

At some point people are going to start looking for a cure, THERE IS NO CURE, but I would advise against telling too many people, because the thought of a cure can keep morale up, which is very important.



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