Basic Tracking Solar Accumulating Barbecue

About: I am a stone mason. My hobby is making new solar cooking and gardening stuff. I have used solar heat to cook soil for a couple of years. In mother earth news in January, i read that their compost expert does...

The video shows the basic parts and materials needed for this device to become popular in the north american market (In this person's opinion)



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    That's to bad, i would like to learn something like this, i like the idea of making solar ovens, The solar cooking archive has tons of plans for ovens but not for a BBQ as far as i know.

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    Unfortunately they unpublished the instructable. (I had it down as a collaberation). And it contained important very useful info about parabola's. You cannot coloberate on an unpublished instructable so thats the end of that. Sorry. I simply do not have the time to make a fully fledged instructable in one go. And you cannot have the chicken without the egg. I will publish it elsewhere. Brian