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It may not be today or tomorrow or it just might not happen but is and most likely when shtf you will want to be prepared with stockpiles of supplies. Some people may say and think they can hunt but if you can't then how are you going to get he necessary food for you and your family? Well today I'm going to explain the basics of food stockpiling for the end of the world

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Step 1: What Not to Stock Pile

If the shtf any thing that is in your fridge or freezer will go bad first. Another thing that will quickly turn is bread, it will last longer than the refrigerated items by eventually it will mold. If an emergency is present you can use the food from your fridge to eat first or have a big party, if you have the big party cooking your food the friends that ate there could in turn give you food when you need it.

Step 2: The Best

In my opinion if you have the money I recommend stock piling things like Mre (meals ready to eat) which you can pick up online or at a military surplus store. Or instead you could get a backpackers meal witch is just more expensive although it is not only smaller but also lighter. So I would recommend backing meals if you are low on space, but if not go with MRE's they are less expensive and have a little more food. Remember the calorie dence food is best.

Step 3: A Second Option

Even if you have the items listed above I recommend having more. In this case it is a cheap and good alternative. Ramen , rice and pasta or any dried grain. These are cheap and take up barely any space. You most likely already have some. This would be a great deal breaker if you are on a budget but still want to be prepared.

Step 4: Another Option

The next item you can easily and cheaply Stock Pile is canned food. Every time you go shopping grab one or two cans and eventually you'll have a lot more then you ever thought you would get.

Step 5: Essentials

These may not be for consuming but trust me they are essential. This group would have alcohol , honey and seasonings and sauces. All these items could easily be traded for more useful items to you. Lots of people would trade food for a shot of liquor

Step 6: Water

This one is simple and doesn't need explaining, water the most important thing. If you don't want to buy it simply go to a car dealer ship and snag a few bottles I have gotten loads when I went to get a new car. Another way is to pay a few dollars at a gas station to fill jugs and viola a new stock pile.

Step 7: Conclusion

To conclude I would recommend stock piling food for an inevitable disaster. I would recommend the essentials for sure and for food I would gather all kinds because then you have options. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed please like subscribe and vote for me . If you have any suggestions please drop a comment or just your opinion. Thanks and good bye

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1 year ago

Good stockpile for short-term emergencies but if this is really for the end of the world I have some nits to pick, hope that's OK.

The cheapy little water bottles do not hold up for long-term storage, the plastic degrades. Not sure about the water cooler bottles as they're meant to be reusable. You can buy something called a "water brick" (and there are other similar brands) that are specially designed for long-term water storage. Also this initial stored water would run out quickly so you'll want some water purification methods (LifeStraw is good in medium term, you can also learn to boil+filter using simpler methods) and a larger source of water to draw from. A stream/river or rainwater collection would be ideal.

MREs are actually quite expensive per calorie partially because they each need to be self-heating. If this is a "bug in" food supply, then you only need 1 stove, not 1 stove per meal. Big bag of rice and big bag of beans would be cheaper and you can vacuum-seal them in long-term storage bags if you feel the need.

Canned food is good for short term but you need to remember to rotate it all out because it does go bad, which means you need to eat what you store and store what you eat. Personally I don't want to live on Chef Boyardee and ramen for the rest of my pre-apocalypse life in case an emergency occurs so we don't keep a lot of that stuff around. In a long-term scenario it's going to be more important to be able to grow and process your own food (and seasonings, and booze) without power or municipal water than to already have a small supply of the stuff laying around. We do have emergency food tucked away but it's mostly in the realm of potatoes, beans, onions, garlics, carrots, etc. We don't need for it to last 10 years because we will have more next year. You can get perennial versions and hold back some of the annual crops for seed/tubers to plant next year.


2 years ago

Suggestions: TOILET PAPER, first aid items, aspirin/Migraine/Pain remedy of choice, popping corn, oil(s), knife sharpener, shampoo, soap(s), lotions, paper plates, bleach, water purifier tablets, save unused sealed knife-fork-spoon-napkin packs & individual condiment packets with salt&pepper packets, and the handful of napkins found in each takeout bag (store in empty tissue boxes-loaded from top slit), from fast food facilities), shelf-stable 6 oz juicy-juice cartons of milk (last long, but do watch expiration dates), powdered milk, disinfectant products, personal products for males, females, toothpaste, liquid tears, baby needs. The hope is that we may never need Emergency Stockpile supplies, but many DO.



2 years ago

It is much better to have a more reasonable amount of basic as these items then to have such ! Rich food that seem to spoil with in its time base ! I really wish you all the best ! thanks

cheap survivor2

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing my Instructables I like your stock pile it looks pretty good


2 years ago

Canned ravioli, one of my favorite lunch foods. I would eat it cold- that is to say at room temperature, it was actually quite tasty too. When shopping for more, I would shake the can- if I heard a slight liquid sound, I'd buy it, if no sound I knew it'd be too dry and would keep shaking others 'till I got what I wanted.