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Introduction: Basket Makeover

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Little baskets are essential for an organized home or office. You can find baskets for different kind of budgets, starting from the dollar store to hundreds of dollars. Today i'll show you how to dress up a basket to make it look way more expensive!

Step 1: Materials

Wire basket

Ribbon (size and length depending on the size of your basket)


Step 2: Upper Wire

Grab one end of your ribbon and make a double knot around the upper wire of your basket.

Start putting your ribbon around the upper wire to make it all look the same color. Do this very tight!

Step 3: Sides

Braid the sides with the ribbon. It has to go over one of the vertical wires and under the next vertical wire and so on to hold it in place. Continue doing this until you have the sides all covered.

Step 4: Bottom

When you finish the sides take the ribbon up through one of the corners (inside the basket) and take it down outside the basket. Now braid your ribbon as you did before to cover all the bottom of your basket.

Finish with a double knot in the last wire and, your basket is ready!

Now you can match the color of your basket with the decoration!

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