Basket Weave Honey Cake

Introduction: Basket Weave Honey Cake

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I have made honey cake earlier and its extremely delicious. This time for my husband's birthday 2 weeks back, I decided to make the honey cake with a basket weave lemon butter cream design and decorate it with fresh strawberry roses. I am glad it came out well.

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Step 1: Make Honey Cake


  1. All Purpose Flour - 2 Cups
  2. Baking Powder - 2 Tsp
  3. Sugar - 1.75 Cups
  4. Unsalted Butter - 1 Cup
  5. Whole Milk - 1 Cup
  6. Vanilla Extract - 3 Tsp
  7. Lemon Zest - 2 Tsp
  8. Salt - a pinch

Preparation Steps:

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degree F.
  2. Sift the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt) together so it mixes well.
  3. Mix butter and sugar in another bowl with a blender till it forms a creamy mixture.
  4. Pour vanilla extract and eggs and blend again.
  5. Pour the dry ingredients from step 2 into the wet ingredient mixture and fold in.
  6. Add in the milk and fold in again.
  7. Pour the cake batter into a greased pan and bake for 35mins. (Time will depend on the size of your cake pan)
  8. Warm some honey along with water and when its free flowing, pour it on the cake.
  9. Let the cake cool to room temperature.
  10. The Honey Cake is ready.

Step 2: Make the Lemon Buttercream Frosting


  1. Butter - 1 Cup
  2. Icing Sugar - 4 Cups
  3. Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp
  4. Lemon Juice - 2 tsp
  5. Lemon Zest - 2 tsp
  6. Green Food Color

Procedure to make frosting:

  1. Beat butter and sugar in a bowl with the hand mixer until it becomes thicker and fluffy.
  2. Pour vanilla extract, lemon juice, lemon zest and rebeat it.
  3. Pour the food color and mix gently with a spoon.
  4. Cover it with plastic wrap so its air-tight and store it in refrigerator when not in use.
  5. The Lemon Butter Cream Frosting is ready.

Step 3: Decorating the Cake

  1. Cut the top layer so its a uniform top layer.
  2. Apply the frosting uniformaly all over the cake.
  3. Fill the frosting in a zip log bag and take a flat tip for making the basket weave.
  4. First draw a vertical line.
  5. Then draw 3inch long horizontal lines. Ensure the distance between each horizontal line is equal to the width of the line.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 over and over again until the entire cake wall is covered with frosting.
  7. Using another tip, make spiral designs on top of the cake.
  8. Make roses out of fresh strawberry and place it all around the cake and also in the middle of the top of the cake.

The Basket Weave Honey Cake is ready. Enjoy!

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