Basketball Catapult Game

About: I am Nishant Chandna. At present, I am 14 years old. I have started doing Instructables so that I could share my talent with the world. I hope you enjoy my projects

basically, it is my first project so I am participating in the toys contest and for that, I have made a basketball game

it is very simple and we have 2 catapults 1 for player one and 2nd for player two.

Step 1: Making Basketball Court

for playing basketball we need a court so to make that you need to replicate the given image

Step 2: Making Catapults

so firstly make small catapults according to the size, don't forget to use the elastic to make them work

Step 3: Adding the Labels and Ball Stand

on tinkercad, you can make a ball stand wherein you can keep your balls secondly we can put the lables like NBA etc.

Step 4: Last

I especially thank Instructables and tinkercad for giving me this great opportunity

Step 5: Making Basket

to make the basket you just need t replicate the above image and you will be able to make it



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    Tip 4 months ago

    you just need to put the ball in the catapult and play it