Genius Project Basketball Hoop

Introduction: Genius Project Basketball Hoop

This basketball hoop is designed so that whenever you shoot a ball, a beeping sound goes off when your basket is made.

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Step 1: Get Needed Items

Get all needed materials for the basketball hoop such as...

Mini Basketball Hoop and Ball

Water Alarm Kit

Button Sensor

Soldering Kit

9 Volt Battery

Wire Cutters

Step 2: Connect the Sensor

Put the needed materials together

Follow instructions that come with the kit to put it together

Solder all the wires needed for the process

Cut off the water alarm sensor from the wiring

Switch the water sensor with the button sensor

Solder the button onto the wiring and connect

Step 3: Build Fame Work and Complete

Once you have bought the basketball hoop you can add a frame around the back for extra support.

Then when all of that done you can put the alarm inside of the woodwork as a holder

Run the wiring down the back and to the bottom of the basketball hoop

Put a small piece of wood from the bottom of the frame extended to the hoop

Put a piece of cardboard above the sensor which will be glued to the strip of wood

Once the ball hits the cardboard it will sound the alarm

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    4 years ago

    This is a pretty cool idea. Thanks for sharing this :)