Basketball Net Poncho - Circa 1970

I first learned how to crochet 38 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Shortly after he was born, I found this pattern for an open-weave poncho and at that time, I made countless ponchos for family and friends. The original pattern was for an adult, but it was easy for me to change it for a child. I have made several generational ponchos since then. My sisters, cousins, and their daughters. My son used to call them the Basketball Net ponchos. I had not used the pattern in a while, then my boss has a daughter who was wanting a poncho to wear. I volunteered to make one and the result is in the first picture. Kids really seem to like them just to play with. They are not really meant for weather protection, although they do provide a little bit of warmth. They are more a decorative item. Kids say they feel like wings. Two years ago, I made one each for my co-workers in another dental office I work in. It was a lot of fun for me when they all wore them at our annual Christmas luncheon (next to last picture). We even got the dentists in on the fun (last picture). They can be made in a day, using just one 6 oz. skein of 4-ply yarn. Sometimes I make the collar and fringe in a different color as shown in some pictures, but usually in all one color. I usually use just regular 4-ply craft yarn, but have thought about using a more expensive, specialty yarn. It is easy and fun.

Basketball Net Poncho

(Directions given for adult size poncho. Adjustments can be made to the size by decreasing the length of the initial loose chain. Even number ch stitches needed. Make sure joined chain is large enough to go over head).

Materials: 8 oz. Any 4-ply yarn
Size K crochet hook

Ch loosely 60 sts. Join to form ring with sl st.

RND 1: ch 1, work half-dc in each ch, join in the ch 1 with sl st.

RND 2: Working in the back loop only, half-dc in each st, join with sl st. (60 half-dc).

RND 3: Repeat rnd 2, ch 4.

RND 4: Working in trc, inc 10 sts across row (70 sts), join in ch 4.

RND 5: Using both loops ch 7, *skip 1 trc, ch 2, trc in next trc, repeat from * across row (35 loops).

RND 6: Slip st to center loop, *sc in loop, ch 4, repeat from* to the 34th loop, ch 2, dc in the sc.

RND 7: * ch 6, sc in the next loop, repeat from*, end the last loop by ch3, dc in top of the dc of rnd 6.

RND 8: Repeat rnd 7 only inc the ch to 8ch sts for each loop, and end with a ch 4, trc in top of the trc of the row below.

RND 9 - 19: Repeat rnd 8 (this round can be repeated if more length is desired. End should reach to about wrist. Fringe hangs over hand.

Fringe: Cut on 9" cardboard. Cut on one side only. Using 3 strands, place through each loop.

pattern circa 1970



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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, it cracks me up, too. And the dentist in the middle is complaining that I put his mug on the internet since he is in the witness protection program (ha, ha, not really!) All three of them are great sports, even though they are dentists.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, but it's not work if it's so fun and relaxing. And people appreciate your efforts!