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Intro: Basketry Tooling

The tool that I have built is there to make a Basketry for a lampshade and then wrap it around the lamp.

This is based on 2 printed parts and a M6 and some nuts, therefore a specific size can be reached with the tool

Step 1: Wrap the Structural Wire Around the Guidance Piece

The first thing that you would need to do is to wrap the rattan around it.

This need to be done Up and Down until you have reached to the defined number of vertical sections required

Step 2: Wrap Around the Rattan

Then you start to turn around with another rattan and keep going until that you reached the final measure.

Then automatically as from the moment that you pass over the 2nd wheel you can reduce the circle revolution. This will close the structure.

Be careful not to wrap it to close, give some loose otherwise it will be difficult to get back the 2 wheels that are inside at the end

Step 3: Other Picture of the Tool

Please find some other pictures from the tool

Step 4: The STL Files for the Production of the Tool With the 3d Printer

Please find the files to support you in the creation of the tool with the 3d Printer



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    Hi! Great to see that a fresher like me can still inspire a great experimented user like you.

    It will motivate me to publish more instructables.