Bass Fishing in the Spring

In the Spring is probably the best time to fish for bass in small lakes and ponds but not many people know good techniques

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Step 1: Location

Fist you want to find a nice pond or lake with some shade and grassy areas. You also want to go fishing in either early morning our late after noon.

Step 2: Lures

For bass fishing during this time you want to use fishing jigs or spinners. Make sure you get bright colored lures and not shiny ones because they reflect light and scare off the fish.

Step 3: Techniques

Find a shady area with moss or grass is the water close top the bank . Cast your lure along the bank and slowly pull it in jerking it everyone in a while. This will annoy the bass because they come up by the banks to spawn in the spring. This jerking motion well cause them to bite.

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