Bass(sound) Reactive LEDs




Introduction: Bass(sound) Reactive LEDs

Hiii Everyone!! This is a very simple, cheap and interesting project. An easy way of learning the working of Transistors for beginners. Must tyr it, it just takes 5 minutes to built :D

Simple sound reactive LED's using a TIP31c Transistor. It has a 12v power source powering 4 LED's. The module is only connected to the bass.

Step 1: Component List

Following are the components that you will need for this project.
1. TIP31 NPN Transistor x1
2. Leds x 4
3. A stereo Audio cable
4. 12v Supply

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Just connect all the components shown in figure.
Stereo wire has three wires, Right, Left and Ground. You can connect any of right or left to the base of TIP31.

Step 3: Protues Files

Uploaded the Circuit and PCB files of the project :)

Step 4: Video

Bass(sound) Reactive LEDs

Thanks for watching :)

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    4 years ago

    No need resistor??